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Auto Patcher (Updating Game) Empty Auto Patcher (Updating Game)

on Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:16 pm

Information regarding how to update the Game Client and keep up with updates with files to avoid errors.

To update your client with the latest files find "Play Game" Auto Patcher (Updating Game) Play
Double click it and ensure it runs, there will be a progress bar that patches the latest files before you can press "Start Game"
Auto Patcher (Updating Game) Patcher

To re-patch everything again, find "data.dat" Auto Patcher (Updating Game) Data and delete it, then run "Play Game"

If you can't run the Auto Patcher, you can visit the Discord Server https://discord.gg/bGH7njR and download the manual patches in #manual-patches section.

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